Cardamon and the bohemianism
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Restaurant in Burgas

There are few places like Cardamon in Burgas and honestly, it is a bit tough to describe it without sounding pretentious. The whole place is surrounded by a strange mixture of bohemian atmosphere and urban culture.

An artistic taste of the environment is given not only by the regular musical events, where it is easy to lose yourself in the rhythm of the song and the cozy atmosphere.

Imagine it like a modern version of the classic pub with vintage ornaments.

On sunny days, you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view of the most crowded street in Burgas, offering the convenient opportunity of delicate gossiping.

Bogoridi street

From personal experience, I can tell you that there is nothing more magical and soothing than a spent afternoon there. Kissed by the sun, with a lemonade in the hand, tapping your feet to the sound of the chilling music.

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Cardamon is not just a bar, a cafe, or a restaurant in Burgas. Cardamon, with risk to sound spectacular, is the epicenter of the youth cultural life, which you can enjoy anytime, regardless of the reason.

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