Why is it free? Why are you doing it? Who pays for this?

Burgas Free Tour is a local initiative organized by local youth for everyone who wants to learn more about our city. While walking around, we met many people from all around the world. We know that Burgas can give you a warm welcome, and it opens its heart to everyone. Our dream is for everyone in the world to keep a piece of Burgas in its heart.
Burgas Free Tour is a non-profit organization run by donations. We are not fundraised by the government, the municipality, or some corporation. If you enjoyed the tour, you could leave us a tip. This is the only way to cover our costs and work on future projects.
Thank you for all the support!

Who are you?

We love to say that we are “Burgazlii” – people from Burgas! We are a group of young people who want to expose the beauty of our city. We’ve been living here for most of our lives, and we know lots of stories that you can’t find in the old books. During the tour, you will hear some stories our parents and grandparents told us.

What is our route?

During the tour, we pass through the main streets of the city. We show our tourists some of the mandatory sightseeing, but we also go through the hidden, typical pieces of Burgas. Except for the two main streets, we pass through the small ones to feel the atmosphere of our city even more.

What if the weather is bad?

You are in Burgas, and here the mood is always good! 😀 But if that happens you can call us and change the date of your tour.

What to do if I am late?

Don’t worry about it, just call us on +359 896 6021 23. We will tell you where the next stop is and where the group will be waiting for you. But hurry up, you will miss lots of interesting stories.

What would happen if I had to leave the tour before it ended?

Don’t worry about it. Please let us know so that we know you didn’t get lost or something. Besides, you can always join the rest of the tour some other day.

Are there any breaks?

Yes, the tour lasts around 1.30h. and we have two stops where you can sit while our guide tells you interesting stories. The pace is in line with the group.

What if we are а group of 10+ people?

In that case, you have to contact us. Email us at support@burgasfreetour.com or call us on +359 896 6021 23. We will prepare our guides for this.

Should I have to make a reservation?

If you are a big group (10+) or want to have a tour in another language different from Bulgarian or English, you have to contact us. Otherwise, just come and join us!

How to know who our guide is?

The guide will hold a sign with “Burgas Free Tour”. If he/she is not there just wait a few minutes. If they didn’t show up after that, call us: +359 896 6021 23 or ask at the Tourist information center.

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