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Burgas Cinema Tour

Aaaaaaand… ACTION!
Burgas has proved to the whole world that it is a hometown of stars. It has proved that Bulgarian actors can be on the same level as some of the most famous actors in the whole world. But that’s not all. There is still more to be seen in this town.

This is the reason we long for the world to get to know the magic of Burgas cinema. You will have the opportunity to hear curious stories of the sets of some of the most emblematic Bulgarian movies while taking a walk. You will learn many new interesting facts about your favourite actors and about cinema. The secret story of Mr Dangerous Charm, the “non-standard” routine of the film director Georgi Djulgerov and piquant, fun stories about the making of film posters in the 20th century are just a small part of the things you can hear while taking the Burgas Cinema Tour.  While you take a walk through the town, you will have the opportunity to feel the energy of Burgas cinema and you could even feel like a part of the cast of a movie on set.

Burgas Cinema Tour was created in 2021 as a collaboration between Burgas Free Tour and Burgas International Film Fest. The tour was first an event during the fest but then it turned into a new, separate service of Burgas Free Tour.

During the first edition of the cinema tour locals were a part of it as well as tourists of the town, all gathered from near and far. Although there was an age gap between them, each and every one of them found a story to keep to themselves. Together we managed to dive deep into the magic of Bulgarian cinema and the wonderful atmosphere of the town made us feel as if the tour lasted only a brief moment.

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    Burgas Food Tour

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    During the tour you will be completely dive into the magic of Bulgarian culture.

    Sozopol – Food & Wine Tour

    During this 2 hour tour with our guide you will escape the crowds while enjoying some of the best food that Sozopol has to offer. You will get on a boat where a local fisherman, practicing for more than 40 years, will show you how to prepare the most delicious mussels in Sozopol. Together with him you will dive into local legends and stories passed through the generations and delve into the local culture.

    Then accompanied by our guide you will go ahead to the next stop, where you will see a demonstration of traditional Sozopol pastries called “damgi”, taste homemade fig jam and enjoy fresh seafood directly from the Sozopol Bay. Last but not least, for an end of the tour you will taste some good wine from the region including fig wine.

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